Drametrice Smith is a native of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He is entering his second season as the Head Football Coach at University of Ft. Lauderdale. Smith served as Defensive Back and Special Teams Coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League 2019 during Training Camp. Previous roles, Special Teams Coordinator, Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs and Head Track & Field Coach at Lane College.

During his tenure at Lane College, under Smith’s tutelage defensively, Brayce McKinzie was named to the All-Conference first team. The sophomore Geneva, Florida native finished the season with 72 total tackles, 30 solo tackles with 14 tackles for loss for a total of 86 yards including 3.5 sacks for 12 lost yards. He also forced and recovered two fumbles and blocked a kick this season.

Smith Coordinator Special Teams that produce electrifying game-winning results led by Freshman athlete Anthony Evelyn. Evelyn was selected for the SIAC All-Conference second team for his duties returning kicks with the Dragons. The Atlantic Beach, Florida native, in his first season with Lane College, compiled 532 yards returning kicks. He also picked up four receptions for 25 yards, giving him an average of 62.3 all-purpose yards per game.

In 2018, after picking up a homecoming win over Allen University, Smith and the Dragons shocked the conference, knocking off powerhouse Miles College 15-14, thanks to a 34-yard field goal as time expired at home in Jackson, TN.

Smith has worked at Bacone College as Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach 2017. Drametrice has coached at University of Faith, FL in 2014 as the Co-Defensive Coordinator. Previous coaching stops include Arkansas Baptist College, Bethel College, Feather River College, Ft. Valley State University, and St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Drametrice brings over a decade of coaching experience to University of Ft. Lauderdale. He has a Christian mentality and a very hungry attitude to minister while assisting in moving the Eagles program in the direction of championship-caliber football! Drametrice is the nephew of the University of Georgia All- American and Philadelphia Eagles NFL All-Pro Safety, Benjamin Smith. As a player at University of South Florida, Smith started as a nickel back for USF defense in his third season and contributed at strong safety plus seeing action on special teams in thirty consecutive games. Won the team’s 2002 Overachiever Award.

2019-Present | Head Coach | Ft. Lauderdale University
2019 | Defensive Backs & Special Teams | Jacksonville Jaguars
2018 | Special Teams Coordinator, Co-Defensive Coordinator, Head Track Coach, Defensive Backs | Lane College
2017 | Special Teams & Defensive Backs | Bacone College
2015-2017 | Defensive Backs | Arkansas Baptist College
2014 | Co-Defensive Coordinator | University of Faith
2013 | Defensive Lineman & Equipment Manger | Bethel College
2008-2011 | Defensive Assistant Coach | St. Aquinas High School 2006-2007 | Defensive Graduate Assistant Coach | Ft. Valley State University
1998 | Northeast High school, Oakland Park, Florida
1999-2002 | St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 2002 | University of South Florida Overachiever Award Winner 2002-2006 | University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
2006-2007 | Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, Georgia
2011-2012 | Arena Football: Lakeland Raiders of United Indoor Football League
Missouri Baptist University, St. Louis, MS
M.S., Sports Management | 2014
Walden University, Minneapolis, MN Doctor of Education | 2020


Coach Smith you are a blessing to connect with players through your story and your faith in Christ will always help
you not just be a coach but in life.

Coach Smith was always the coach who brought the most energy to practice & got the best out of his players at all times on
and off the field even with Christian ministry! Real stand up guy.


Good day, Mr. Smith and I worked closely this past football season. He worked tirelessly for our program at University of Fort Lauderdale. Truly, a skilled and organized leader. He is indeed a coach, leader, and mentor! I highly recommend Coach Smith for any open position available. Thank you.
Issac Bruce, 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame

Drametrice did a very nice job for us last summer during the 2019 Bill Walsh Minority Internship. We had discussion of potentially keeping him on staff but did not have a spot at the time. He brought a positive attitude, was very hard working, knew his place and came to work every day to help the players to get better. He would be an asset on any staff and has been knocking on every door to get an opportunity.
Dave Caldwell, Jacksonville Jaguars General Manager

I would strongly recommend Drametrice for any position available in your organization. During the time I spent with him participating in the Bill Walsh Minority Internship he displayed a work ethic that was second to none. His attention to detail and his willingness to go the extra mile to accomplish the task was a refreshing display that is unfortunately these days an exception and not the rule. I truly believe he just needs an opportunity. Once he gets that foot in the door watch how high he ascends in this league. Thank you.
Ron Middleton, Jacksonville Jaguars Tight Ends

I have known Mr. Smith for a little under 2 years now. He worked Jaguars training camp as a coaching assistant. He is a joy to be around. He’s passionate about people and will to help reach their full potential. He’s hard working and dedicated. As the Jaguars DPE, I had Drametrice speak to our rookie class. He did an amazing job at communicating, teaching and the trust about the NFL. Coach Smith has a way with people (players) to get the best out of them and I highly recommend Mr. Smith for any position within your organization.
Marcus Pollard, Jacksonville Jaguars Director of Player Engagement

To Whom it may concern: Drametrice Smith did the Bill Walsh Minority Internship with us in 2019. He came to work each day with a positive attitude, was eager to learn and was willing to do whatever asked of him. He showed that he was capable of handling the task given to him in a timely manner.
Dwayne Stukes, Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Line and Special Teams

I have known Drametrice Smith for several years. He is a reliable coach on and off the field. He’s never been content on remaining stagnant as a position coach. He’s always aimed higher, by trying to develop his craft with technique and scheme, in addition to understanding the philosophy and fundamentals of football. I feel he would be a great addition to your organization.
Andre Carter, New York Jets Defensive Line

I have known Drametrice for 18 years. He loves the game and is a good soul. Worth an interview for sure.
Steve Rubio, San Francisco 49ers Regional Scout

I’ve known Drametrice for 3 years now. He knows the value of being a hard worker that is eager to learn no matter how big or small the task. Drametrice, will make an impact on any NFL staff!
Tyrone Mckenzie, Detroit Lions Linebackers

It is my personal pleasure to write this recommendation on behalf of St. Thomas Aquinas Alum Drametrice Smith. Over the years, I have witnessed his growth as a football coach and community leader. He has an authentic leadership style and competitive nature that embodies integrity, trust, compassion, and support. Although equipped with these admirable character traits, it is painfully apparent that today’s young adults are faced with a substantial amount of social distractions and temptations. With that being said, Drametrice has successfully managed to position himself as a positive role model. As a result of his selfless character and outstanding work ethic, he is valued and respected without question among his peers. His ability to balance work, personal life, and community endeavors have enabled him to be perceived as an exceptional leader and productive member of society. As the Head Football Coach of St. Thomas Aquinas High School, I take great pride in identifying extraordinary leaders and role models. Drametrice possesses the professionalism, intelligence, good nature, mature judgment, and sense of humility are a few ethical traits that separates him from others. Therefore, without reservation, I strongly recommend Drametrice Smith as an asset to any organization. Thank you for
your time regarding Drametrice’s future aspirations.
Roger Harriot, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Head Football Coach 2019 National Champion, 11 State Titles, Most Active NFL Players and Opening Day

To Whom It May Concern: Please accept my letter to recommend Drametrice Smith. I have known Drametrice for over fifteen years as I served on the coaching staff at the University of South Florida where Drametrice was a full scholarship football student- athlete. I first met Drametrice in 2002 when he was an incoming 18-year-old freshman football student-athlete to the USF program. I feel fortunate enough to have had an individual such as Drametrice as a part of our football program. I got to see him grow and mature both on the field and in the classroom during those four years. Being a Division I football student-athlete is not an easy task. It is a daily year-round commitment and is challenging both physically and mentally with juggling both a sport and school work. Drametrice was able to tackle this challenge and was successful at both on the field and in the classroom. Drametrice impressed the coaching staff early on with his strong work ethic in the weight room and his positive attitude that was infectious among his peers. He also set himself apart from the rest of his freshmen class as he came to USF with an already strong work ethic in the classroom. He was an independent self-starter and one you could always trust to get it done. Drametrice came from a difficult background with limited family support yet he always displayed a positive attitude daily and always placed school first. Despite not having a family support structure like his peers, he never struggled academically and always made good grades. Growing up with such disadvantages, I have never seen him once with a negative attitude. He sees challenges as an adventure and feels there is nothing he can’t achieve. It is without hesitation that I recommend Drametrice Smith to coach and inspire others spiritually. Given the opportunity, he will seize the moment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely, Daryle Wong (954) 895-9401
Daryle Wong, Former University of South Florida Director of Football Operations

I have been asked to provide a statement of reference for Dramterice Smith. I have been the chair of Dramterice’s dissertation study for one year. Over the last year, I would say that three characteristics have stuck out to me about Dramterice. First, is his adaptability to change. Change is a large part and process of the educational journey. Embracing change and being willing to adapt in many different directions based on guidance or new facts is critical to being successful not just in an educational setting but in a work environment and in life as well. Dramterice has embraced feedback and welcomes the need to change and improve. Second, managing obstacles has also been a strong point. Drametrice has been working through the dissertation process for quite some time and has had multiple committee chairs in the process. He has had to navigate obstacles during this process that were not always his fault, but he has chosen the right paths to correct the obstacles and has remained patient and willing the move forward when and where appropriate. Third, Drametrice has shown resiliency in his ability to persevere. Though he has been faced with challenges in this long educational journey, he has demonstrated an ability to persevere and take any changes head-on. He knows the goal he has in mind and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there
Dr. Dana Ague, Walden University Committee Chair, Content

I am writing this letter for my esteemed colleague Drametrice Smith. Mr. Smith served at Arkansas Baptist College (ABC) from March 2015 to July 2017. While at ABC, he served as a coach and an instructor in the General Education department. As the chair of General Studies, Drametrice made my job very easy by turning in his reports, grades, and assessment data in a timely manner. I have observed Drametrice to be caring with students, knowing about kinesthetic studies, and working well with the departmental staff and administration. I feel that Drametrice Smith will be a great asset to your institution. If you have any additional questions for me, please call 501- 370-5281 or email me at Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Dr. Nedra Allen, Arkansas Baptist College Department Chair of General Studies

I have known Drametrice Smith since 1999. I was his J.V. basketball coach in high school. There are few people I know with his level of passion not only on the football field but as a human being. As a 15 year old he was relentless on the basketball court. He was a natural leader not only capable of pushing himself beyond limits but had a knack for bringing his teammates with him. He had this innate ability to do this in a positive way. Rare for someone so young. I saw this same ability as he developed as a student-athlete at STA. He overcame extraordinary obstacles in losing his parents and having to care for his younger siblings in high school. Through all of that harrowing adversity he managed to earn a football scholarship and get an education at the University of South Florida. Drametrice has travelled far and wide pursuing his ambition of being an extraordinary football coach. I have followed him on this journey and at times, as his former coach, been jealous of some of his qualities. Life as a football coach offers little security or stability. One has to be excellent at so many things – risk taker, knowledgeable, communicator, people oriented. Drametrice has been all of these things and so much more since I first met him as a teenager. If given an opportunity he will be an asset to your football organization. Thank You Rob Biasotti
Rob Biasotti, St. Thomas Aquinas High School Dean