Athletic Training

Two forms will be needed to be filled out by each athlete before participating in a sport
1. Athletic Participation Forms
2. Student-Athlete Information and Medical History Form

Ask for our Athletic Training Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

The Athletic Training Room will be located in the new building of the athletic offices and gym at UFTL .

Athletic Training

University of Fort Lauderdale Athletic Training staff will provide the best possible medical care for the student-athletes of the University of Fort Lauderdale. Working with those in the medical community, our goal is to maximize our ability to prevent, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate athletic injuries while doing so in a professional, efficient, and service-orientated manner. Our commitment is to provide quality health care while educating the student-athlete on good health practices and injury maintenance. All athletic injuries are to be reported immediately to a coach and athletic trainer for evaluation and care. After an evaluation of the reported injury, the coach, athletic trainer, and student-athletes will work together in treating the injury through appropriate means. It is the student athlete’s responsibility to report back to the coach and athletic trainer if the injury becomes worse, persists, or if an outside physician is consulted. No athlete or injury is too insignificant to receive our utmost attention.

Certified by the State of Florida Department of Health Division of Medical Quality Assurance.

Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), National Athletic Training Association, Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT), State of Florida, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, (CSCS) National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Incoming New Student

Incoming student-athletes are not required to complete a physical prior to arriving on campus.  All physicals must be completed and signed-off by our team physicians.  Each new student-athlete will receive a free physical from a licensed US physician on-campus. These physicals will include: height, weight, blood pressure, EKG screening, General Medical Physician screening and an Orthopedic screening.

Returning Student-Athletes

All returning Student-Athletes will complete a physical on-campus with their teams Athletic Trainer before any participation in team activities.  The form consists of a brief medical history of the past year, notification of any changes in insurance information including an up-to-date legible copy of the front and back of your insurance card and offers you the right to see a physician for any reason you deem necessary. If the athlete wishes to see a physician for any reason, they will be able to do so on-campus during New Athlete physicals.  Height, weight, heart rate and blood pressure are also measured by a member of the AT staff. Once this form has been signed by the athlete, the Athletic Trainer and the Team Physician, the student-athlete will be cleared for participation. However, if determined that further evaluation is necessary, the student-athlete will be referred to the appropriate medical facility for medical clearance.

IMPORTANT: Any student-athlete who is removed from the active roster for any reason (quit, semester off, etc.) and then rejoins the team at a later date must complete the Incoming Student-Athletes protocol above prior to being cleared for participation

The following supplies and services will be available to you:

  • Training room facility, located in the school and at the fields. Phone number (754) 209-2830
  • Certified athletic trainers at all events- Team Physicians and Orthopedic specialists on site or on call.
  • Ice bags, water cups, First Aid/ ER supplies, and OSHA materials. Automated External Defibrillators by home team. UFTL’s Intercollegiate Athletics EAP will be located in the training room.
  • Electrotherapy, therapy, taping area, etc. available in the training room. By use of an ATC or written request.

Concussion Education

University of Fort Lauderdale recognizes that concussions are a significant risk to those participating in athletics.  A Concussion Management Plan has been developed to provide a protocol for the recognition, evaluation, management, and return-to-play decisions for those student-athletes who are diagnosed with a concussion.  Part of this plan involves educating our coaches and student-athletes to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, possible injury mechanisms of a concussion and the importance of immediately referring a student-athlete suspected of having a concussion for proper evaluation by appropriate medical personnel. 

Please refer to the following educational link for helpful information on concussions:

Fact Sheet for Student and Coaches

Local Hospitals

  • Florida Medical Center Hospital ER (nearest to U of Fort Lauderdale) – (954) 735-6000
  • Memorial Regional Hospital (closest to Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Airport) – (954) 987-2000
  • Holy Cross Hospital – (954) 771-8000


Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in your removal from the athletic training room or may revoke athletic training privileges

  • All athletes must sign-in prior to getting treatment. Before getting taped, rehab must be performed.
  • No tobacco products, No food, and drinks must have lids.
  • No cell phones, headphones, and/or tablets during evaluations or rehab.
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn at all times, no cleats.
  • No profanity or other derogatory/abusive language. No loud or obnoxious behavior.
  • Athletes must shower before post-practice/post-game whirlpool or modality use unless authorized by the athletic trainer.
  • Return all equipment, supplies, etc. to the appropriate place when done using.
  • Clean up after yourselves (i.e. Put used towels in the hamper, throw away trash).
  • Nothing leaves the athletic training room unless approved by an athletic trainer.
  • Athletes may obtain ice and ice only when the athletic training room is closed.
  • Equipment may not be used without prior approval, especially modalities.
  • All athletes are required to have active primary medical insurance coverage that is approved by the University of Fort Lauderdale.
  • All staff is to be treated in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner. Failure to do so will revoke athletic training room privileges.
  • Only UFTL student-athletes and staff are permitted in the athletic training room.
  • It is the athlete’s responsibility to get to practice/game on time. Plan accordingly. Limited staffing & facilities equals wait time.
  • If an injury/illness is not reported until practice time, the athlete is expected to participate.
  • If an athlete cannot make or will be late for an appointment, they must notify the respective athletic trainer immediately. Failure to, may result in refusal of treatment.
  • Athletes are not allowed in the staff office or desk area without authorization from an athletic trainer.
  • Athletes are not permitted to dictate their own treatment. All treatments are at the discretion of a staff athletic trainer.
  • University Fort Lauderdale and its athletic trainers WILL NOT PROVIDE any prescription or over the counter medications to any student-athletes or staff.
  • All Student-Athletes must pass a physical exam before stepping on the field or court. You are not allowed to practice, play games or condition without having passed a physical exam.

Return to Play Policy

Detailed information regarding our concussion policy may be found under the student-athletes handbook on the UFTL Athletic website. This policy states that a University approved team physician has the final authority regarding full clearance for student-athletes returning to play. All doctors will be chosen by the Athletic Trainers. The NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook is used by the University of Fort Lauderdale and the NAIA and USCAA as a guideline for medical recommendations to ensure a safe and competitive environment for athletic participation.

Emergency Situations

In the event of an emergency, you may be called upon to help retrieve equipment and/or help with the direction of EMS services (ambulance or fire truck).

  • Spine board and straps are located behind the taping tables, in the athletic training room (ATR).
  • Crutches are located next to the storage cabinet in the corner.
  • All athletes must have a physical done annually by an MD, DO, ARNP, or PA. They are provided by University of Fort Lauderdale on specified dates usually at the beginning of each semester, but you are able to get one on your own. However, our paperwork must be used.
  • A copy of your primary insurance card must be on file before you will be cleared to participate.
  • If you have asthma and use an inhaler we will need an inhaler with your name on it in the ATR or in one of our sideline kits. If you have allergies and have an epi-pen, we will need one with your name on it in the ATR or in one of our sideline kits. 


  • University provides secondary athletic accident coverage for its student-athletes participating in collegiate athletics. This policy provides coverage for outstanding medical bills incurred as a direct result of an athletic accident after your primary insurance coverage has been exceeded. But you must have a primary in order for this to work.
  • An athletic accident is defined as an unexpected sudden and definable event, which is the direct cause of bodily injury, independent of any illness, prior injury, or congenital predisposition. This event must occur during a UFTL Inter-Collegiate Sports event.
  • All bills must first be submitted to the student-athletes primary insurance for payment. Remaining balances and deductibles will then be submitted to the secondary insurance.
  • Coverage is only extended for events and activities that are authorized, organized, or directly supervised by an official representative of the University of Fort Lauderdale. This includes practices and games during both the traditional and non-traditional seasons.
  • The secondary insurance will only be applied after the student-athlete’s primary insurance has been paid.
  • Coverage is NOT provided for medical expenses resulting from illness, disease, or conditions unrelated to accidental injury while participating in intercollegiate activities at the University of Fort Lauderdale. The policy DOES NOT cover general medical illnesses, or non-athletic related injuries or conditions. Additionally, preexisting conditions and routine medical care (eye care, dental care, or illness) are NOT covered.
  • The benefit period for all eligible expenses is 1 year from the original date of injury. Failure to provide the necessary information in a timely manner may result in non-payment of the claim. This provision seizes when the injury has been deemed healed, to the extent reasonably possible.
  • A claim submitted to the University for processing with our secondary insurance carrier does not guarantee payment of the claim.
  • Student-athlete is responsible to make sure proper procedures required by their primary insurance plan are followed. Failure to do so can result in a denial of payment from the Universities secondary insurance carrier. The University is not responsible for out of network claims.

Athletic Accident Insurance

The University of Fort Lauderdale Athletic Department requires all student-athletes to be covered by valid primary insurance, from an American based company.

  • International students will have to enroll in a Student Health Insurance Plan, University of Fort Lauderdale will provide different insurance options through its main carrier.
  • No international or other insurance plans will be accepted for international students as their primary insurance coverage.
  • The cost of this policy will be each student’s responsibility.
  • Domestic students have the ability to waive this policy with qualified health plans at the beginning of the academic year.
  • If at any time during the academic year, the student athlete’s coverage changes or lapses, it is the responsibility of the student-athlete to notify the athletic training staff and to renew immediately.
  • Student-athletes without current primary coverage will not be allowed to participate until updated coverage can be proven.
  • University of Fort Lauderdale will not be responsible for any expenses that result from a lack of primary insurance.
  • All bills must first be submitted to the student-athletes primary insurance for payment.
  • University of Fort Lauderdale is not responsible for the payment of medical bills.
  • Failure to follow the proper procedures for obtaining treatment and submitting bills may result in denial of the claim.

Submitting Claims

The Athletic Training Staff must submit the claim for your injury to the secondary insurance company. The insurance company will require additional information to process the payment. It is the responsibility of the athlete to submit all invoices and any other necessary paperwork for reimbursement. Please consult the Athletic Training staff for directions on how to submit invoices.

Visiting Team

If your team is traveling without an athletic trainer, please notify us in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements and provide coverage for your team. PLEASE SEND THE NECESSARY SUPPLIES WITH YOUR TEAM (TAPE, ACE BANDAGES, INSURANCE/EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION, etc.) and we will be glad to help your team get ready for their events. The training room will be open 2 hours prior to the event and 30 minutes after. Please give prior notice if your team will be training before and event so that we can accommodate your needs accordingly. Also, if you are planning on sending a certified or student trainer with your teams, please forward their names immediately via email to

If no ATC travels with the team, NO treatment will be given to a visiting athlete UNLESS there is a written prescription, written by the ATC, with them stating the type or amount of treatment given.